Smart RTLS

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) are solutions that combine hardware and software to create a network capable of tracking the movement of people and assets in a specific location. This wireless network is created by placing anchors (active RFID / BLE / UWB readers) at key points throughout the monitored area.

IoT devices are more efficient than humans in capturing and communicating data. Sensor data, machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and industrial automation generate high volumes of information (Big-Data), allowing companies to save resources and support business intelligence efforts.


Real Time Location

Real-Time Location System is a feature that allows the user to track workers at any point in the workspace by using wearable devices and anchors to capture the position using UWB technology.

Access control

Using access control, the user can create geofencing for static or dynamic areas, restricting access for non-authorized people in hazard locations. The geofencing is displayed at the map instantly, and it triggers an alert every time someone enters a restricted area.


The Analytics feature uses Big Data to create graphics about people, areas, drills, emergencies and alerts. All of this data is stored and can later be used to optimize the work plan and create patterns and behavior profiles.

Emergency Mode

The Emergency feature allows to follow the movement of people towards the Muster Point during a Drill or Real emergency. During the event, the user can see the location of all workers, who arrived and who are still on their way.

Fall Detection

This feature is an algorithm that’s trained to identify falls along with the Accelerometer and Gyroscope. Using Artificial Intelligence, every time there’s a fall accident, an alert is displayed at the screen showing the location and the last tracks of the person who fell. 

Accelerometer and Gyroscope

We’ve developed a hardware that contains an accelerometer and a gyroscope. When combined in use, it helps to identify fall accidents.

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RTLS Features

Track workforce and assets in real time

Using wearable locating devices and IoT technology, it is possible to monitor the position and movement of the workforce or assets through antennas installed throughout the work environment.

Create geofencing on the worksite

Our solution allows the user to draw virtual fences on the plant, to indicate and delimit risk areas. These fences are recognized by our devices, which send notifications when someone enters a risk area.

Acompanhe exercícios e emergências reais

The emergency feature allows you to track the movement of people towards the meeting point during an actual exercise or emergency. In addition to minimizing evacuation time, this module can be of paramount importance for rescue teams.

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